Test Framework Context

You may find the following useful if you are using a test framework such as Fitnesse where the developer/tester interacts with it using a web browser in order to create and run tests, and you want to make the framework available to developers without the inconvenience and inconsistency of local installs or creating a server specifically for it, and you also want to make it available to the CICD platform.

Feature Epics

You may find the following useful if you can’t easily see which user stories relate to which functionality, so you can’t tell what the impact on delivery is of a problem with a user story, or you can’t easily get a view on when functionality is expected to be ready because you’re not sure what all the relevant user stories are.

Effective Daily Scrum Meetings

Effective Daily Scrum Meetings

You may find the following useful if you have challenges running effective daily scrum meetings with a larger geographically distributed team. You might be finding that it takes more than 10 minutes, is awkward, shares no new understanding and results in no one doing anything different. Some people may be complaining that you’re not Agile enough and you need a smaller co-located team, and others may have decided that Agile is ineffective.

Feeds for Late Arriving Data

When acquiring data for the data warehouse from source systems, it can be useful to make a clear distinction between the time at which an event occurred, and the time at which the event was recorded by the source system. In the simplest case, the source system records the event at the time it occurs and the anomalies described below do not happen. But in cases where there is a delay between the actual time of the event, and the time the record of the event is received by the source system, then there's a trap that needs to be avoided.